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WebEx Meetings is a video conferencing tool with chat and content sharing.


  • Online meeting / video conference / web conference
  • Screen sharing /Application sharing /Share documents
  • Whiteboard (only when using the App)
  • ChatTextbasierte Kommunikation zwischen zwei oder mehreren Nutzern in Echtzeit.
  • Survey and note function (Client)
  • RecordingEine Aufnahme von Ton und/ oder Bildern auf einen Medium wie Film, DVD, oder einer Datei. (mp4-video; recording on own computer enabled)
  • Integration of video conference systems, hardware
  • Audio meetings (meeting type: WebEx Personal Conference)

Suitable for

  • Cooperation in research groups and projects
  • Group sizes (online meetings up to max. 200 people)
  • Exchange of non-sensitive data


  • Internet access, web browser, online app / desktop app (all common systems are supported)
  • Camera & microphone for video conferencing

Usage information

It cannot be guaranteed that all students have a sufficiently good data connection to be able to participate in synchronous courses, so synchronous teaching should generally only be an additional service. Videos and recordings have the advantage that they can be viewed at lower network load times.

First steps

  • The meeting organizer(s) must be registered by the IMT in the Uni-WebEx domain Please send an e-mail to imt(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de. Please note that the WebEx licenses are currently running in test mode for a limited number of test users and are only valid until June 29, 2020.
  • Participants can join meetings without logging in with Cisco WebEx Meetings Client, via browser or Mobile App Meetings, Client has more design options for hosts
  • Instructions for all common systems:
  • MeetingBesprechung mehrerer Personen über fachliche, organisatorische o. ä. Fragen. Zusatz: live wird verwendet, wenn diese über das Internet veranstaltet wird. can be terminated by the host/or "alternate host", host role and presentation role can be given to participants*.
  • For detailed instructions on the various functions, see WebEx video conference

Temporary participation on a PC/Mac in a web browser

  • Open the page in your web browser and enter your meeting ID (9-digit access code) - Alternatively, you can send an invitation directly via hyperlink.
  • If the message "join via your browser" does not appear, click on download and cancel the download.
  • After successful login, camera & audio must be enabled in the browser.
  • The range of functions is limited in the browser version and can lead to high CPU usage on older computers. Then try the app for mobile devices!

Terms of use and privacy policy

  • WebEx Meetings is software from the US company Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • The University of Paderborn has procured WebEx licenses from a German provider and concluded contracts for commissioned data processing.
  • The WebEx Meetings conference applications are technically enabled in various data centers distributed worldwide. For Telekom customers who apply for the service in Germany, the data is stored on European servers (in London and Amsterdam).
  • If the number of participants* makes the use of WebEx necessary, the centrally procured WebEx (Telekom) licenses should be used.
  • Nevertheless, no confidential or sensitive personal data (e.g. personnel data) may be transmitted via WebEx Telekom.
  • The "WebEx Telekom Terms of Use" ( and the "WebEx Telekom Data Privacy Statement" ( apply to this use.
  • In addition, the data protection declarations of "Telekom Deutschland GmbH" ( and "Cisco Systems, Inc." ( apply.
  • Avoid recording video conferences - even if it is technically possible. All participants have a "right to their own image" as well as to their own verbal statements. Recordings may only be made if you as a lecturer only record yourself, i.e. all cameras and microphones of the participants are switched off, or if all participants have explicitly consented to the recording and the associated purpose.

Notes on Netiquette

Audio and video conferences bring new possibilities, but also new challenges compared to a personal meeting. We have compiled a list of suggestions and behavioural recommendations that you can go through in preparation for an audio or video conference.

Notes and tips for audio and video conferences / Netiquette

See also

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