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Working from outside the University

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Work as at university

In general, all university services (Panda, Email, Paul, ...) can be used from home safely and without any further effort. Exceptions are certain licensed services of the university library, certain software licenses and the network storage (IsilonDas IMT betreibt einen Netzwerkspeicher (Isilon) am Standort Paderborn, auf dem zentral Dateien abgelegt und verwaltet werden können. Jeder Uni-Account kann ein Homeverzeichnis erstellen und im Bedarfsfall Zugriff auf Gruppenspeicher (zB AGs) erhalten.) of the university. For use outside of the university you must first set up a VPN-Connection.

Synchronous exchange in research groups and projects

Video and web conferences

For video conferences you need a computer with camera, microphone and loudspeaker. For the latter, a headset should be used if possible. (see hints and tips for audio and video conferences). Basically systems recommended by IMT:

  • DFNconf offers web-based video/audio conferences and allows to set up virtual meeting rooms yourself.
  • Adobe Connect Meetings is also offered by DFN-Verein and provides conferences with video and audio support. Additionally, documents and the screen can be shared.
  • Jitsi Meet (Dienst eingestellt) offers video conferences for smaller groups (15 persons) and is currently operated by the computer science department at the University of Paderborn.
  • MS-Teams is a platform that combines video conferencing, chat, notes and document exchange.
  • Zoom is an audio and video conferencing system of the US company ZOOM, which is also suitable for larger groups. Currently the free offers of the company have been extended.

Recommendation and comments on the systems:

  • DFNconf and Adobe Connect the IMT can unfortunately only recommend to a limited extent due to the high workload at DFN. However, DFN is planning further expansion.
  • Jitsi Meet is operated at the University of Paderborn and is suitable for small groups (15 persons) and the exchange of sensitive data.
  • MS Teams and ZOOM MeetingBesprechung mehrerer Personen über fachliche, organisatorische o. ä. Fragen. Zusatz: live wird verwendet, wenn diese über das Internet veranstaltet wird. Teams are offers of the US-American company Microsoft and therefore not suitable for the exchange of sensitive data (see privacy policy).

Audio- / telephone conferences

For audio conferences you need a computer that is equipped with a headset at best (see Hints and Tips for Audio and Video Conferences). Some systems allow participation by telephone. Systems and solutions generally recommended by the IMT:

  • DFconf - Telefonkonferenz also allows you to set up telephone conferences only. Participation is possible via web-based or telephone. DFNconf is currently only recommended to a limited extent due to the high workload, although telephone conferences are subject to fewer restrictions than video conferences.
  • Mumble is a voice conference software that can be used via the web. The Department of Computer Science has released their system for use by the University of Paderborn.
  • Smartphone users with iOS or Android can set up conferences with up to 4 other participants using their phones. If the called party also uses a smartphone, they can add additional participants.

ChatTextbasierte Kommunikation zwischen zwei oder mehreren Nutzern in Echtzeit.

If you only want to exchange short messages, you can use text-based chat systems. There you can send text messages to each other in groups, individually with other users* or topic-related text messages in individual channels/streams, which in contrast to e-mails are displayed immediately after sending and allow a relatively synchronous exchange.

System recommended by IMT:

  • Zulip is a chat system that can be used via the web or apps for the desktop or mobile devices. Computer Science has released your system for use by the University of Paderborn.

Document exchange

For data exchange within the university the usual data storage devices can be used.

University network storage

You can use your network drives from home, where the IMT takes care of backing up the data. In addition, group areas in the network storage easily allow distributed but secure access for your workgroup or project. Access requires the use of a VPNVirtuelle privates Netzwerk; über eine bestehende Internetverbindung wird der Rechner virtuell an einen anderen Ort gesetzt und bekommt alle Zugriffsmöglichkeiten, als ob er vor Ort wäre. Nifty!-connection. Unfortunately mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) are not supported.


Sciebo is a cloud storage for North Rhine-Westphalian universities. There are also apps for mobile devices to access Sciebo. Sciebo is suitable for data with normal protection requirements. You may not store personal data with high protection requirements (personal data, health data, grades and certificates, etc.) there, unless they are adequately encrypted.

Availability of the IMT

If you have questions or problems, the easiest way to contact us is to send us an e-mail with your request to Our hotline is available by telephone under 05251/60-5544 during office hours.


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