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Lecturer: e-mail availability (no reply message)

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Lecturers can send messages (e-mails) to their participants about courses. Normally the recipients will not be able to reply, as auch no-reply-address is displayed. This article will show how to change this setting so that students can reply to the email.

What needs to be done?

  • Profile
  • Edit profile
  • Change e-mail settings

Profile settings

  • After you have logged in, go to the small arrow next to your name and profile picture in the upper right corner and then to "Profile".
  • Then go to "Edit profile".
  • After that you will reach your profile settings. Under "Show email address" you can now select your settings regarding your sender address.
"Email address visible only to privileged people": e.g. teachers, managers, administrators will always see your email address.
"Yes, visible to all": Everyone can see your email address.
"Show email address to students": Only your students can see your email address.

Profil auswählen
Profil bearbeiten
Einstellungen ändern

With this setting, participants will see your instructor's e-mail address and can reply

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