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First steps: Receive all messages as e-mail

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This article explains how to use the settings in your PANDA account to receive all messages by email.

What needs to be done?

  • Settings
  • Messages

Step-by-step instructions

When you log in to PANDA, you will be taken to your desktop. At the top right you will find your name and next to it a small arrow.

  • Click on the arrow and then on Settings.
  • Then go to Messages.
Select settings
Select messages

Now you are in your message settings and can choose whether you want to receive emails online, offline or both.

  • In the example you can see that if the recipient is online, no e-mails will be received (red). However, if they are offline they will receive the emails (green).
  • You can change the settings by clicking on the respective icon (red/green) or (on/off).
  • All received messages can usually also be found in the message centre.
Change settings
You will always receive all messages as e-mail
Overview of messages received/sent

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