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Jitsi Meet

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Jitsi Meet is a video conferencing software that can be used in a web browser and as a mobile app. No account is required to use the software. You can call up a conference room directly in your web browser or app. Jitsi Meet is currently offered in pilot operation by the Computer Science Department of the University of Paderborn.


  • Online meeting/ video conference with small groups
  • Split screen/screen sharing
  • Integrated chat function

Suitable for

  • Communication in research groups and projects
  • Small group sizes (stable up to 5 people maximum; beyond that, all participants should not use the video)


  • Internet access, web browser Google Chrome (or the open source variant Chromium), alternatively access via the online app/desktop app
  • Camera and microphone for video conferences
  • Registration is not required

First steps

  1. Start the Google Chrome or Chromium web browser and go to the following URL:
  2. Now follow the instructions of the Quick Start Guide.
  3. Set auch low video quality (Low definition) according to the quick guide.
  4. Turn off audio and video transmission as long as not required.

Terms of use

  • The Jitsi-Instance is offered by the Computer Science Department and is operated within the University of Paderborn.
  • Jitsi is no established service and is offered without guaranteed availability and stability. There is no support for the use of Jitsi.

See also

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