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Zoom - General information

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The software Zoom and its basic features are presented here.


  • Online meeting/ video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • ChatTextbasierte Kommunikation zwischen zwei oder mehreren Nutzern in Echtzeit.
  • Document exchange
  • Video recording

Suitable for

  • Live discussions in coures
  • Cooperation in research groups and projects
  • Convention and conference hosting
  • Group sizes (online meetings up to max. 300 people)


Zoom licenses

The campus license Zoom, which is purchased by the University, differs from free-to-use zoom licenses:

  • The free licenses are personal licenses and can only be used for personal use. The usage time is limited to 40 minutes per session.
  • The university campus license allows a distributed management of the event, i. e. you can plan the meeting for yourself and others in advance, send the link in advance and plan regular events (i. e. create the meeting only once and use the same link / the same meeting ID over and over again). However, you must also start the meeting via your university license at the beginning of each meeting.

Notes on use

  • For teaching, it applies that preferably asynchronous teaching scenarios should be carried out. Video conferencing in teaching should remain the exception and be didactically justified.
  • If videoconferencing is necessary, it should be used for small groups (23 users max.), on more privacy-friendly services such as Jitsi Meet, BigBlueButton (both operated at the university) or DFNconf from DFN.

Terms of use and privacy policy

  • Zoom-MeetingBesprechung mehrerer Personen über fachliche, organisatorische o. ä. Fragen. Zusatz: live wird verwendet, wenn diese über das Internet veranstaltet wird. is a software of the US American company Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
  • The University of Paderborn has procured zoom licenses through a German provider, whose instances are hosted in Europe and for which contracts for commissioned data processing have been concluded.
  • If the use of Zoom is required due to the number of participants, the centrally procured Zoom (C4V) licenses should be used.
  • Via Zoom, no confidential or sensitive personal data (e. g. personnel data) may be passed on without end-to-end encryption (E2EE). End-to-end encryption must be activated, especially in committees when advising on applications and appointments.
  • Avoid recording video conferences - even if it is technically easy. All participants have a "right to their own image" as well as to their own linguistic expressions. Recordings may only be made if you as a lecturer only record yourself, i.e. all cameras and microphones of the participants are switched off, or if all participants have explicitly agreed to the recording and the purpose of the recording.
  • The "Zoom C4V Usage Instructions" apply
  • As well as the "Zoom C4V Data Protection Declaration"
  • In addition, the data protection declarations of "Connect4Video GmbH" apply
  • as well as the "Terms of Use" and the "Guidelines for Data Protection and Cookies" of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Notes on Netiquette

Audio and video conferences bring new possibilities compared to a face-to-face meeting, but also new challenges. We have compiled a list of suggestions and behavioural recommendations that you can go through in preparation for an audio or video conference.

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