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With the state-wide offer of the NRW Semestertickets, you as a student at the University of Paderborn will be able to obtain the semesterticket via the online ticket procedure for the first time. The semester ticket can be ordered online via Verbundsverkehrsunternehmen NRW and serves as a paperless replacement for the paper ticket or as a booking confirmation.

What needs to be done?[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Registration or re-registration
  • Checking the status in PAUL
  • Order ticket online via self-service functionality
  • Save the ticket on your device or print it out

Check PAUL status[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

If the full amount of the semester fees has been received in the account of the university on time, you are deemed to have been re-registered. In order to apply for the semester ticket, re-registration or enrolment must be completed.

Log into PAUL and visit:

My Files > Forwarding > Configuration of System Messages > Semesterstatus

The entry should be displayed as "rückgemeldet für WiSe 2021/22".

Semsterticket NRW 01.png
Semsterticket NRW 02e.png

Additional information for re-registration, you can find here:

You can see if your health insurance data is already stored in PAUL at

Bewerbung > Krankenversicherung > Versicherungsnachweis

The entry refers to your health insurance company.

Semsterticket NRW 01a.png

Ticket creation[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

After successful enrolment or re-registration, the semester ticket can now be applied for and generated.
Order your ticket here:

You can switch the language to English in the top right corner.

Step 1: Choose product[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Select Universität Paderborn and enter your Matrikelnummer. Click on In den Warenkorb.

Semsterticket NRW 03.png

Step 2: Shopping cart[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Visit the shopping cart and click on continue ordering process.

Semsterticket NRW 04.png

Step 3: Personal information[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

We recommend that you register with the Deutsche Bahn. You will need a valid e-mail address and your password will be sent directly to it. In future, you will be able to log in directly with your e-mail address and password.
Alternatively, you can download the ticket without registering. Then you will have to enter your personal data again every semester. Even without registering, you must enter a valid e-mail address here.
Each student will receive a link to their semester ticket in an E-Mail. This allows you to print your ticket again at any time.

Semsterticket NRW 05.png

Order the Semesterticket without registration. Click on "Sie möchten ohne Regristrierung bestellen?" on next. Only the necessary information will be collected.

You will now be asked to provide your personal information. "Make sure you enter your name as you did when you enroled. Example: If your middle name was not specified in the address, then it must not be specified here either. In case of doubt, this information may be verified in PAUL."

Semsterticket NRW 06.png

The full name is required under “First Name” and “Surname”, as the given name is matched with the name given in the matriculation.

In addition, the address, date of birth and a valid E-Mail address are mandatory fields. Here you can use your university E-Mail address, if you already have one. You can also provide a private E-Mail address.

The payment method is to be left as proposed with free of charge. Finally, press the button to transfer the data.

Semsterticket NRW 07e.png

Step 4: Check order[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Afterwards, you will get an overview to check your entered data and the final order. The semester ticket can be ordered after acceptance of the terms and conditions, the data protection information and the order confirmation.

Semsterticket NRW 08.png

The completion of the order process may take a short time. If your order is successful, you can download your ticket directly afterwards. The semester ticket is provided as a PDF file for download.

Semsterticket NRW 09.png

You will also receive a E-Mail with additional information.

Semsterticket NRW 10.png

Known issues[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

If you have not yet successfully re-registered or enrolled, you will not be able to receive the semester ticket. To check the status, please follow the instructions described above.

The semester ticket can be applied for at least 45 days before the beginning of the semester.

Make sure that the name you enter match with your matriculation. Example: The middle name was not given in the matriculation, then it must not be given here. In case of doubt, these data can be checked in PAUL.

Check the correct specification of special characters.

Semsterticket NRW - Fehler 01.png

In case of an error message while entering the mandatory data for data transfer in the automated process, the most common error is in the indication of the full name.
Please check your details (see name transfer from registration also under – Check status in PAUL
Restart and register the ticket with a different e-mail-address.

Additional information[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

General information on the semester ticket can be found on the AStA website:

If you have questions or problems regarding applying for a semester ticket, please contact the IMT.

Bei Fragen oder Problemen wenden Sie sich bitte telefonisch oder per E-Mail an uns:

Tel. IT: +49 (5251) 60-5544 Tel. Medien: +49 (5251) 60-2821 E-Mail:

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