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Congratulation. You just installed a very complex preconfigured mediawiki platform.

This Page should give you a rough feature overview of your platform. You should get aquainted to it before starting full. Furthermore there are a few steps you should take first and there is also some customization to do (more or less important). If your looking for information about the software, you can find it here.

Structural view[Quelltext bearbeiten]

The base category that should lead you to most pages is Category:Content. If you create a new category, it should go somewhere inside that tree, spawned by Category:content. Everytime you create a new page, you should put it in at least one of the categories of that tree. Here are some special categories:

Category: Utility templates[Quelltext bearbeiten]

This is the Category for tempaltes mainly used in article creation. You should make a notion of this category as often as possible. Your editors should know of these templates as it gives them useful tools for article creation, text manipulation and layout. When you create templates for your editors in the future, you will most probably put them in this or one of its subcategories (except for Category:Infobox templates and Category:Navigational boxes of course).

Functionality[Quelltext bearbeiten]

One could easily write a whole essay about the capabilities of this platform. You should get aquainted to Semantic Media Wiki, Semantic Forms, and LUA (because of the Extension Scribunto) to start with.

Please refer to your List of installed extensions for more information of this wiki's capabilities.

Semantic Glossary[Quelltext bearbeiten]

|Glossary-Term=(optional) Subject (alternativ name) ..
|Glossary-Link=(optional) Pagenname for link
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