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{{tlpad|template name}}

A version of the template-linking Template:Tl that adds a little padding either side of the link Template:Tl creates, making it easier to see/click when the template linked has a short and/or lowercased name (such as Template:Tl itself, Template:Cl, etc):

Example template
to link
Linked using
Linked using
Template:Tl {{tl}} {{tl}}
Template:Cl {{cl}} {{cl}}
Template:C {{c}} {{c}}
Padding amount
By default, the padding added either side of the link is 0.15em. To set a different amount, insert it as a parameter before template name:
{{tlpad|left/right padding amount|template name}}
{{tlpad|2px|pad}}, for example, produces: {{pad}}
No link
To present the template's name in plain text rather than as a link, set the parameter |nolink=on, true, (etc)
To display the name or link in bold, set |bold=on, true, (etc)