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This is the {{warning}} template.

This template should be used for important warnings about an article or a user that cannot be shown using a more specific template. Please only use it when something is seriously wrong and other people might not otherwise know about it.


{{Warning|Include warning here.}}

See also

  • {{ambox}} – article message boxes of any type; there is comprehensive documentation of its different options
  • {{Deprecated template}} to mark outdated/deprecated templates and pages, that use these templates. (used by template programmers)
  • {{Deprecated}} to mark articles that are outdated and are not maintained anymore.
  • {{Draft}} to mark articles/sections currectly in development or in revision
  • {{Faulty}} to mark articles/sections that are erroneous, faulty, or otherwise dangerous.
  • {{Stub}} to mark articles that needs expanding.
  • {{Template warning}} to mark the error feedback from templates. (used by template programmers)
  • {{Untested}} to mark articles that lack validation and positive user feedback.
  • {{Warning}} to mark Warning text.