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Places an infobox (via {{Ambox}}) to inform the user, that the article is out of date. Also automatically adds Category:Deprecated, to better find the articles.

Optional parameters

if set to 1, the box refers to a section only and not to the whole article.
if set to no, article will not be placed in category Category:Deprecated

See also

Here is an overview of the available Message Box Templates and their uses:

{{Deprecated template}}
outdated/deprecated templates and pages, that use these templates. (used by template programmers)
articles that are outdated and are not maintained anymore.
articles/sections currectly in development or in revision
articles/sections that are erroneous, faulty, or otherwise dangerous.
articles that needs expanding.
{{Template warning}}
the error feedback from templates. (used by template programmers)
articles that lack validation and positive user feedback.
Warning text.