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Lecturer: Anonymous use

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This article aims to show how you as a lecturer can ensure anonymous use for students.

What needs to be done?

  • Activate editing
  • select appropriate material or activity
  • select anonymous use

Group selection

With the group selection students can register themselves in groups within a course.

Anonyme Nutzung Gruppenwahl.png
  • If you do not want the name of the user to be displayed, click on Miscellaneous Settings.
  • Then select Anonymity instead of "Full results (with name and group)" "Anonymous results (no names)".


You can use the feedback to conduct your own surveys or evaluations. It is also useful to ensure that students are interviewed anonymously.

Anonyme Nutzung Feedback.png

For this purpose

  • open the item "Settings for questions and entries"
  • and select Anonymous under Fill in anonymously.
  • Now it is ensured that you cannot see who has filled out your survey and how.

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