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Course: Student folder

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The student folder allows students to upload material and share it with other students according to their preferences. This article will show you how to create and use the student folder.

What needs to be done?

  • Activate editing
  • Create student folder
  • Make settings

Create student folder

Add material or activity

PANDA Studierendenordner hinzufügen.png
  • To create a student folder, click on the desired course, then on Enable editing and finally on Create material or activity.
  • Then select the Student folder and confirm your entry with Add.

Make settings

Mode: Students may upload files

PANDA Studierendenordner Einstellungen.png
  • Give the folder a meaningful Title (1).
  • You can also add a Description (2).
  • Under "Student folder (3)" you can select the mode. If you decide that students are allowed to upload files, you can also choose how many files can be uploaded, how large the files can be and what types of files are allowed.
  • Then decide if you want the upload to take place immediately.
  • Then set the Period for uploading (4).
  • Finally, click on Save.

Mode: Import files from task

PANDA Studierendenordner 2.png
  • Give the folder a meaningful Title (1).
  • You can also add a Description (2).
  • Under "Student folder (3)" you can select the mode.If you decide to import files from a task, first select the corresponding submission. If you select the "automatic synchronization with task", new submissions will be imported into the student folder immediately.
  • Decide afterwards whether you need student approval.
  • Then set the time period for the upload option (4).
  • Finally click on Save.


View as lecturer

Mode: Students may upload files

Studierendenordner Datei hochladen.png
  • After you have clicked on "Save" you can see all the students.
  • You can also see who has already uploaded something.
  • You can also upload files yourself.

Mode: Import files from task

Studierendenordner Zustimmung.png
  • Here you can choose whether the files uploaded by the students can be seen by others.
* Select "yes" or "no" under Approval.
* Then click on Update approval.
* If you wish to withdraw your consent, click on Reset.

View as participant

Studierendenordner Teilnehmer.png
  • As a student you will see the names of the other students and the respective uploaded files.
  • If you are in "Students can upload files" mode you can also upload files yourself by clicking on "Edit/Upload files".

Video - Create student folder

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