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Usage scenario: Submission draft and final submission

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This article explains how to use the submit selection option to enable students to create a submission draft and release a final - no longer modifiable - submission for evaluation.

What needs to be done?

  • Submission settings, here option Submission button
  • Possibly put final submission back into the design stage

Step-by-step instructions

  • Select Settings of the task.
  • Under the item Submission settings activate the option Submission button must be pressed.
Release button Setting option

  • Result: Students can upload a draft of their submission that is not yet to be released for evaluation. The final submission must then be explicitly confirmed by clicking on the button Submit task. Students view:
Submission button Student view

  • Proofreaders still have the option of manually resetting a final submission to the draft stage so that students can still upload a new version of their submission. To do this, you only need to reset the corresponding entry in the Show all submissions of the exercise's assessment overview to draft mode via Edit.
Submission status overview

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