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This is the {{tlp}} (template link with parameters) template.

It can be used in documentation and talk page discussions to show how a template name would be used in code.

Here is how this template looks. Code to the left and actual rendering to the right:

{{tlp|name|parameters}} = {{name|parameters}}

Features of {{tlp}}:

  • It shows a template name with a link to that template.
  • It shows up to eight parameters.
  • It also shows empty parameters. (See examples below.)
  • It prevents wpen:line wraps in its output.
  • It uses normal text style. ({{tlx}}, for instance, uses <code>...</code> text style.)

This template belongs to a whole family of similar templates. See the see also section below for some of them. For instance, when writing documentation you might want to avoid a lot of unnecessary links, since it decreases readability – i.e. on the first occurrence of a template name, use {{tl}}, {{tlp}} or {{Tlx}} and thereafter use {{tlf}}, {{tlc}} or {{tld}}.


Code Output Comments
{{tlp}} {{tlp|...}} Shows its own syntax.
{{tlp|tl}} {{tl}}
{{tlp|tl|first}} {{tl|first}}
{{tlp|tl|first|last}} {{tl|first|last}}
{{tlp|tl|a|b|c|d|e|f|g|h|i|j}} {{tl|a|b|c|d|e|f|g|h}} Shows up to eight parameters. The rest are dropped.
{{tlp|tl||three|four}} {{tl||three|four}} Also shows empty parameters.
{{tlp|tl||three|}} {{tl||three|}} Even shows empty parameters that come at the end.
{{tlp|tl|first=a|last=b}} {{tl}} Equal signs are a problem, but there are a couple ways to fix:
{{tlp|tl|2=first=a|3=last=b}} {{tl|first=a|last=b}} Use numbered parameters to fix it. Here, parameter "|2=" is assigned the string "first=a". Start with #2, since "name" is already in the "|1=" slot. Note that all subsequent parameters after a numbered parameter must also be numbered.
{{tlp|tl|first{{=}}a|last{{=}}b}} {{tl|first=a|last=b}} Or, simply use, "{{=}}", the equal-sign template, to "escape" the symbol.
{{tlp|tl|2=1=a|3=2=b}} {{tl|1=a|2=b}} Both techniques also work with numbered positional parameters (e.g.: "|1=", "|2=").
{{tlp|tl|2=1=a|last{{=}}b}} {{tl|last=b}} The named parameter ("|last=") clobbered the prior one ("|2="). Again, all subsequent parameters after a numbered parameter must also be numbered...
{{tlp|tl|2=1=a|3=last=b}} {{tl|1=a|last=b}} ... but that's easy to fix, by adding the position number ("|3=") to the last parameter.

See also

  • 1 {{tlg}} is the most general, allowing any combination of text style and/or link style options.
  • 2 Prevents wrapping of text by placing it inside <span class="nowrap">...</span> tags.
  • 3 Uses monospace font but not <code>...</code>.