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On this page you will find an overview of all the activities and working materials that PANDA provides. These can be modularly integrated into any PANDA course. Click on the name of the activity / work material to access the corresponding instruction page.

Activities[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

In PANDA, so-called "activities" can be set up to create collaborative and communicative teaching and learning scenarios in a variety of ways, thus motivating learners to actively engage with the learning content. The following overview describes and categorizes the activities currently available in PANDA.

Description Complexity Anonymous cooperation possible
Vote Creation of an individual vote for course participants low
Task Individual evaluation and feedback of a task completed online or offline medium
Chat  Set up a text-based chat to discuss with the participants in real time low
Database Provision of a database for uploading, categorizing and describing materials  high
Etherpad Lite Collaborative work on a text in real time  low
Feedback Creation, implementation and analysis of individual evaluation questionnaires and surveys medium
Forum Exchange and discussion between students and teachers low
Mutual assessment Mutual assessment is a special multi-level task type: participants individually assess sample submissions for a task, then create their own task solutions, perform a self-assessment and receive feedback from other participants. high
Glossary  Creating and collecting terms together in a lexicon low
Group Management  Management and organization of groups high
Group Selection Organizing the participants into previously defined groups medium
Journal The journal enables participants to give feedback on a specific topic that can only be read by the authors of the feedback and the teachers, e.g. diaries on the course of the project or accountability reports low
Lesson Edit content in a predefined order with the possibility of integrating test questions (created directly in PANDA) medium
Study Package Editing of content in a predefined order with the possibility of integrating test questions (created by SCORM file) high
Planner Creation and organization of appointments medium
Examination Organization Support in the organisation of exams by, for example, automatic creation of seating plans, assessments of the exam and exam viewing. Do not take an online exam! high
Student folder Folder for uploading files to share with other students low
Test Test with pre-defined questions including subsequent assessment medium
Survey Erstellung und Durchführung einer Umfrage low
Wiki Collective establishment of definitions low

Working materials[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Lecturers can make various documents and contents available as working materials. Depending on the type of material, there are different ways of doing this in PANDA.

Description Complexity Anonymous cooperation possible
Book Create, edit and structure chapters and text pages together medium
File Upload of various file formats (e.g. PDF, Office documents, images) low
IMS-Content Display of a course from another learning management system high
Link / URL Inserting a link to an external website or to documents low
Text field Insert a text field on the course page. The text field can also contain content such as videos low
Text page Creation and editing of a text page low
Directory Store and manage multiple files in folders and subfolders low
ViMP Embedding of videos, integration of the video platform ViMP low

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