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Zoom - Record meeting

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Video conferences in Zoom can be recorded without much effort. This article will address some points that you should keep in mind. If you want to upload your recording to the video portal of the Uni-Paderborn afterwards, you should follow these instructions.


You must ensure that all participants in the video conference agree to the recording. Inform the attendees before you start the recording.

Start recording


  • Choose "Local recording".

Don't choose cloud recording The technical and legal disadvantages are:

  • Reduced resolution compared to local recording.
  • Videos cannot be uploaded to UPB video portal. This is due to the automatic creation of subtitles in the metadata.
  • Video storage on the Zoom servers have to be seen critical in terms of data protection.

Optimizing video settings

Do you want to edit the recording of your zoom conference afterwards? Select the following settings to get high-quality results.


  • Open the Zoom app.
  • Click on the gear icon to open the Settings.


  • Go to the video settings.
  • Check the check mark for HD to record with improved video quality.
  • Then go to the Advanced Settings.


  • Switch the noise suppression off.
  • Do you want to edit the recording in a video editor? Set the option "Video rendering post-processing" to Disable.


  • Now open the RecordingEine Aufnahme von Ton und/ oder Bildern auf einen Medium wie Film, DVD, oder einer Datei. settings.
  • Select "Optimize for third-party video editor".
  • The output format should be HD (720p) as mp4 (H. 264).
  • For advanced users: activate "Record audio track of individual speakers".


You can specify where Zoom should store the recording of your video conference.


  • Open the Settings.
  • Switch to the area "RecordingEine Aufnahme von Ton und/ oder Bildern auf einen Medium wie Film, DVD, oder einer Datei.".
  • Under "Local RecordingEine Aufnahme von Ton und/ oder Bildern auf einen Medium wie Film, DVD, oder einer Datei." you can specify the location.

Known issues

You want to upload a Zoom recording to the video portal, but the process is interrupted during the upload?
Check if your video contains subtitles in the metadata. You can do this, for example, with the free VLC Player.


  • Open your video file with VLC Player.


  • Open the "Subtitles" section.
  • The menu item "Subtitle track" should be grayed out.
  • This sample video contains a subtitle track. The video can therefore not be uploaded to the video portal.
    If you record your conference with cloud recording, a subtrack is automatically attached to the metadata of the video. You cannot upload this video to the video portal. The process stops during video processing. Details on the correct recording can be found link here.

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