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For teaching purposes you can provide your teaching materials digitally. Depending on the data (type and size) you can use different tools which are operated by the ZIM at the University of Paderborn or at universities in NRW. The requirements for the use and advantages of the individual tools can be found under Exchange of large files. See also Tool comparison at a glance.

  • The learning platform Panda
    PANDA allows you to manage files by course. You can upload files up to 250 MB in size. You can restrict access to PANDA to students in the course.
  • The Sciebo cloud storage service
    The Sciebo cloud storage service makes it easy to exchange data, even between students. Files can be accessed and synchronized with different end devices.
  • Network Storage of the ZIM
    In the public directory of the network storage you can store files, which are then easily accessible to all persons with a Uni-Account. You can also allow non-Uni members to access the files there via https. In addition, group areas in the network storage allow distributed but secure access for your courses or your project for university members. For this access from outside the university the use of OpenVPN is required. Mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) are not supported.
  • The Video Portal
    The video portal serves exclusively for the provision of videos. Videos in the video portal can be integrated into PANDA.
  • GigaMove
    GigaMove mainly supports the exchange of very large files, where links to the files can be sent by e-mail.

We do not recommend the use of other external cloud services (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud,, ...) for teaching, as the data is not stored in the area of responsibility of the University of Paderborn and the data processing associated with the use does not necessarily comply with the applicable data protection regulations.

Tool comparison at a glance[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

File size/storage space Possible group of participants Operation
  • Teacher: Upload up to 250 MB per file
  • Students: Upload up to 100 MB per submission

Members of the University of Paderborn with UNI-Account

by the ZIM on servers at the University of Paderborn
  • 30 GB memory for students and employees
  • Employees can increase their personal storage space to 500 GB
  • Project groups can apply for project boxes up to 2 TB (duration 2 years, extendable)
Members of the University of Paderborn with UNI-Account, guest accounts with limited functionality in self-administration possible by universities in NRW represented by the WWU Münster
ZIM Network Storage
  • 5 GB for employees
  • 1 GB for students
  • Memory space can be increased on request if necessary
  • Space for working groups on request
Members of the University of Paderborn with UNI-Account, sharing with externals via public folders over https by the ZIM on servers at the University of Paderborn
ZIM Video Portal Maximum file size for upload 2 GB Members of the University of Paderborn with UNI-Account, editorial access for employees, on request for business reasons possibly for others by the ZIM on servers at the University of Paderborn
Giga Move
  • maximum 10 GB storage space
  • most browsers can only upload files of 2 GB maximum
  • Deletion of data after 7 days (max. 14 days)
Members of the University of Paderborn with UNI-Account by the RWTH Aachen

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